Auctions and Sealed Bid Sales

Real Estate Auctions and Sealed Bid Sales Marketing and Advertising

ORE or REO, Performing or Non-Performing Loans & Asset Sales – You’ve heard it before, “timing is everything.” Since 1959, through several ups and downs in the real estate market, owners, asset managers and/or their work-out consultants have relied on us for solutions that achieve the disposition of portfolios in a manner that maximizes asset value.  

With unparalleled expertise in developing buyer acquisition strategies, advantageous media relationships and cutting-edge technology solutions we can provide any or all of the tools that drive buyers to a live or online accelerated marketing event. We have even developed a state-of-the art auction website that enables you to conduct online auctions in real-time which we can private-label with your organizations brand. We’ve had the pleasure of working with FDIC, The Carlton Group, JP King, Kennedy Wilson International, and Fisher Auction Group, to name a few.