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Rodika Okolisan, Senior Account Executive

The advent of the digital age has made our communications systems more efficient. It has brought new meaning to the word ‘multi-tasking,’ made the world a smaller place and established the 24-hour workday. Here, we analyze  the amount of time we spend day-to-day immersed in our digital world… starting with our own team at Posner Advertising.

More Business With Less Friends

Last year, I had an overwhelming 500 friends on my Facebook account. Most of whom, I had not talked to in 20 years, had only met once, knew of through friends of friends or met strangely enough only online. I decided to stop spreading myself thin and to nurture the friendships that really mattered to me most. I decided to delete over 250 Facebook friends.

Lately, I found the same rule could be applied to businesses.

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