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Posner Advertising Website Redesign

Delivers Intimate Interactive Experience Utilizing the Latest Technology


New York, NY, February 19, 2011 - Posner Advertising, the lifestyle-focused agency headquartered in New York, has launched a new website. The new site, featuring Web 2.0 capabilities and an innovative design, is a springboard for the agency’s aggressive, online marketing campaign to reach potential clients globally.

“The redesign of the website and its added features underlines the agency’s philosophy – ‘Marketing at the Speed of Change’ by helping new visitors understand the agency’s full range of services immediately,” says Juan Carlos Martinez, director of interactive marketing at Posner Advertising. “We wanted to create a website that encourages user immersion by blending sophisticated digital technologies with functional design, intuitive navigation and integrated social media networking sites.” The Posner website will deliver comprehensive search engine results and be totally compatible with all web and mobile devices.

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Marketing To The Elusive Luxury Audience Pt. 1

Being in the forefront of luxury lifestyle marketing for years, the marketing environment has never been as rife with specific ways in which to reach out to the top five percent of affluent consumers and business leaders as it is right now. In fact, each day my office is being introduced to new magazines, clubs, lists, and websites that claim to cater to the wealthiest and most influential members of our society.

Why now? Is it that the recession is ending and finance leaders are no longer keeping a low profile on conspicuous consumption? Or is it that before the economy tanked, there were so many destinations, products and services developed for the growing worldwide market of mega millionaires?

Before the global financial meltdown, the number of millionaires worldwide seemed to be expanding exponentially and new luxury brands were being introduced daily. With such globalization and mass marketing we witnessed well-established luxury brands having difficulty maintaining their perceived exclusivity among the most affluent set. This created an opportunity for the introduction of the niche luxury brand.

That was then.
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Nhi Nguyen, Social Media Strategist

The advent of the digital age has made our communications systems more efficient. It has brought new meaning to the word ‘multi-tasking,’ made the world a smaller place and established the 24-hour workday. Here, we analyze  the amount of time we spend day-to-day immersed in our digital world… starting with our own team at Posner Advertising.